Joe Canfield
A Timeline of Joe:

1981 – Born in Vallejo, CA.  Spent seven years living next door to a guy his father believed
could be the Zodiac killer.

1982 to 1994 – Lots of kid stuff happened.  Friends, birthday parties, and plenty of moving
around.  Lived in Arizona, Virginia, and Seattle, WA.

1995 – Won 3rd place in California State Speech Contest for his rendition of Larry Miller’s
rant on aging.  Declined offer to compete in Washington D.C. due to expense.

1997 – Began writing the epic,
Darren, an Arthurian sci-fi fantasy about a human resources
manager thrust into a different world where he was once a magical and villainous king.  
Filled a notebook and abandoned the project once I discovered a much more time-
consuming hobby – girls.

1999 – Began college in Ellensburg, WA.

2001 – Restarted
Darren.   Entire 400 page novel was written over seven weeks.  It is one of
potentially five books.  

2002 – Wrote most of the sequel to

2003 – Took a job as editor for
Manastash magazine.  Published a series of poems.

2004 – Graduated.  

2005 - Wrote
Untitled, the story of a temp for a newspaper in the midst of large-scale layoffs.  
He and his coworker pick through the bone yard of the warehouse-like empty office
building and try not to befriend many of the “walking dead.”

2006 – Began
Chicks Hate Me.  It’s the story of how a sixteen-year-old boy deals with newly
formed realizations on mortality and loneliness – as told by his ex-girlfriends from high
school. He strives for his first sexual experiences, runs a ridiculous campaign for class
president, and insensitively challenges the mores of his newly adopted home town.

2007 – Moved to Jersey City, NJ.  Took an apartment site unseen in Journal Square.  
Witnessed drug deals, drug busts, and dog fights.  Soon moved to Hoboken.

2009 – Finished, rewrote, and polished
Chicks Hate Me.  Look for it soon in a book store
near you. Married a beautiful woman, thus proving Chicks Hate Me is not an autobiography.