"As he walked by I kind of tilted my body in as
feminine a way as possible.  Don’t ask me why.  I
must have looked like a fat ferret standing on her
hind legs.  He didn’t give me a single glance.  Not

"I never heard him say much other than the few
times someone got him to laugh. Billy had a loud,
high-pitched, ratta-tat tat laugh that sounded like
you were starting a car that ran on bubbles."

"When he was born people were getting from place
to place on horseback.  When he died we were
launching ourselves to the moon.  Every time
someone dies the world loses a library”
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Joe Canfield, author   
Quotes from
Chicks Hate Me:
"I enjoyed the book; several parts had me laughing out
loud and other parts showed insight and sensitivity.  I
definitely think the book is marketable."

James Wolf, Zymurgy Films